Online Checkers Course, with Alexander Shvartsman.


It is a great pleasure to announce a new online Checkers course. It will be given by the International Grandmaster Alexander Shvartsman, multi World Champion, via the Skype platform. This is a great opportunity specially in the times of the latest Covid restrictions.

Alexander offers to give you a course lasting 90 minutes, in small groups of 3 or 4 players or more if necessary. This course is already held on mondays in the Netherlands but it could also be duplicated on another day. Participants could be Belgian or Dutch, possibly mixed as the main language of the course will be in English.

During the course, there could also be analyses of games parts previously proposed by the pupils to the teacher. The teacher could also give simultaneous games on request of groups or federations or, for example, training matches. Alexander Shvartsman also remains open to other possible proposals made by the candidates. Any additional information can be obtained from Patrick Casaril who will serve as the contact person. Phone of Patrick : +32 475 643.668 / e-mail :

Gaston Wilvers

(The prizes for training: for one participants it is 15 euros for one training with group. Or it can also be a group prize, if there is a big group, something like 100 euros.)