Communication 30/06/2020

Dear all,

thank you very much for exciting weekend. So many time zones, so many exiting games, so many surprises ... thank You.
Some important remarks:
Deadline for teams line-up as usually - Friday 18:00 OTT. It is for BOTH rounds. The procedure of potential changes - see 11b of our rules and regulations. Since this weekend I will be very strict with this DEADLINES.
For countries from Zone A. Be careful, Saturday 2 am OTT this is Friday evening in Your countries! See attached file with times recalculated by me - French Guiana and Suriname plays already at Friday. For round in Sunday for Zone A against Zone A, Match will start 2 am OTT so just few hour after publications of the paring and it will be Saturday evening in your countries - BE CAREFUL!!
I made one important change in our document - Russia (men) is included to time zone B. This is special situation as they have players from so many time zones. For the others it is not a really big change. Team of Haiti should pay attention, as your are playing against soon with new time.
Some players made limits at lidraughts like - messages not accepted, games only with players with certain rating or invitations only from friends. Remove all this for time of the match!!! How opponent can invite You?!
Thank You for so many pictures of players. FMJD database looks better with player's photo. I'm still open for next pictures.
With any questions - just mail me, Jacek Pawlicki :

Veuillez prendre connaissance des instructions reprises dans les 2 fichiers joints :